The hunter making a jump shot

In The Pathless, the player takes on the role of the Hunter, a master of archery who has arrived to a mystical island to lift a dark curse upon the world. With the help of her eagle companion, she journeys to bring light back to the obelisks and defeat the island's corrupted spirits.

Gameplay[edit | edit source]

Hunter can jump, rising higher the longer the hotkey is held, up to twice as high.
A valid nearby target close to the middle of the screen will be indicated. Hunter can hold to aim and release to shoot an arrow, which can hit depending on the draw time and target distance, noted by the indicator. Full-draw will result in a guaranteed hit.
Hunter can sprint, which costs energy. She can gain spirit energy by shooting a talisman, and stores it in the Spirit Meter.
Spirit Vision
Hunter can equip the Spirit mask to find points of interest.
Eagle Action
Hunter can engage the Eagle while airborne, gaining new abilities.
Pet Eagle
When the Eagle is disabled, Hunter can pet it to reenable.
Hunter can whistle, to which the Eagle then responds.

History[edit | edit source]

The Hunter arrives on the island by boat, and quickly encounters the Eagle Mother, who has been substantially weakened by the Godslayer's curse. She works to purify the eagle, obtaining a Spirit mask that helps her find her way. After cleansing the Eagle Mother, they are intercepted by the Godslayer, who recorrupts the spirit entirely. In its place she finds the Eagle and takes it with her as a companion.

Together they purify the Tall Ones, gaining new powers and unlocking the path to the Floating Isle to defeat the Godslayer. She is cursed in the battle, but refuses to succumb to it until she has defeated him.

Once the Godslayer had been vanquished, Hunter releases the Eagle from companionship.

In the extended ending of the game, the Eagle Mother removes the curse from her and saves her life.

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